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  • : Licensed Realtor and General Contractor, specializing in old and historic houses

About LyrinMurphy

I started my career in finance and banking, but was always working on old houses. I loved everything about them and they’ve been my passion since I was 6 years old when I found a giant set of old keys in the attic of a 100 year old house my family had just moved into.

I took a leap of faith and started buying old houses out of auction or through estates, restoring them and selling them to my clients. We were restoring them, not flipping them and we loved every part of the process. I realized through this process, that sometimes old houses require a different conversation, different marketing and different resources. People love the idea of an old house, but taking one on can be daunting. Preparing an old house for sale, dealing with repairs, staging, creatively marketing, pricing and negotiating can be as equally challenging. Through my extensive experience with old houses and the people who love them, I’ve developed a vast network of resources, subject matter experts and skilled craftspeople to help my buyers and sellers navigate this exciting process.M

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