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Grant Wagner

Born and raised in the Northeast, Grant has been exposed to various influences, styles, and trends of homes in the greater Princeton, New Jersey area. From the grand, historic estates lining the coveted streets of Princeton’s historic Western Section to the architectural gems quietly tucked away in the countryside of the surrounding area, he has been surrounded by a melting pot of diverse properties, lifestyles, and residential markets.

A visionary individual from a young age with an immense passion and expertise in the areas of interior design, marketing, sales, and finance, Grant has capitalized on these skills to establish a career in the field of residential sales where he can successfully sell an overall lifestyle to his clients rather than just a house itself.

An advocate for the preservation of historic architecture while also valuing the importance and need for the creation of modern-day architectural builds, Grant is well-versed on both ends of the spectrum.

Grant currently resides in a circa 1680’s cottage house (believed to be the oldest in town) located in the historic village of Crosswicks, NJ (Chesterfield Twp.).In his free time, Grant enjoys drives through the peaceful countryside, practicing yoga and mindfulness, running/working out, being involved in local historic preservation societies, and cooking among many other activities.

Grant is dedicated to his work in connecting properties of significant prominence to those who will one day become their stewards for the years to come.

David M. Schure

David Schure brings a strong blend of academic background and professional experience to the field of real estate sales. He studied architecture and decorative arts at Columbia University’s graduate program in Historic Preservation and focused on real estate and marketing in the MBA program at the College of William and Mary.

David joined the real estate industry because of his passion for architecture. He later left to work for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and then for the Trenton Downtown Association. He rejoined the firm in 2002 as a full-time Sales Associate. David is the former Chair of the Princeton Township Historic Preservation Commission, which is charged with the responsibility of guiding owners of registered historic properties who are making exterior structural changes. More recently he has focused on the needs to recognize and preserve contemporary architecture, particularly mid-century modern.

David is a former member of the board of directors for Princeton Child Development Institute, an institution that serves individuals with autism; a former Officer of the Old Barracks Association; and past president of the Friends of the New Jersey State Museum.

In response to the growing volume of traffic on the major routes through Princeton and its surrounding communities, David founded and chaired an ad hoc committee, which placed the primary Princeton artery, The Kings Highway, on the National Register of Historic Places.

David and his family are restoring an 18th century house in Princeton. His son attended Princeton’s excellent public schools and is now enrolled at Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute (RPI).

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