Cricket Bedford

Realtor at Thomas & Talbot Estate Properties

  • : Western Loudoun and Northern Fauquier counties

About Cricket Bedford

I started in the real estate business in 2001 with the encouragement of my good friend and fellow colleague John Coles. I had called upon John to help sell a portion of a 300 farm I owned at the time just North of Upperville. I had grown up on this farm and in an odd twist was able to buy it later in my life. Anchoring it was a magnificent brick Georgian home circa 1851 that started my love of old homes. I had grown up in this house as a child and now ’held its reins’ as an adult. I learned a lot through its careful renovations.

My business acumen had come from an advertising sales background but I had taken time off to have children. Anxious to get back to work and with the prompting from John, I was able to join this amazing group of agents at Thomas

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