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Christine Cilano

Creative Director / Circa By Design at Circa By Design

A little bit country and a whole lotta rock n’ roll. House flipping, home restorations and Rock Stars. Those are just a few words that come to mind when talking about this dynamic design duo. Bill Johnson a Boston native has an eclectic back round. With over 30 yrs in the real estate market and 250+ homes flipped. Restoring and flipping houses were his mainstay before it was the cool thing to do. In his off time he dabbles in the music business. Bill was one of the founding board members of The International House of Blues Foundation. He currently manages an all star band of legendary rock n’ rollers aptly named The American Vinyl All Star Band. Circa 2015 enters the other half of the #FlipThis? equation Christine Cilano. A former model from NYC turned modeling agency owner. A modern day Green Acres was in the making when their paths crossed one day in Boston. So just like that the catwalk became carpentry and photo shoots are now of the up cycled treasures she designs when staging each project. The couple currently resides in one of their restoration farm houses Circa 1870. Located just outside of picturesque Woodstock Vermont, along with their Great Pyrenees Walter. Always on the look out for the next project. Bill and Christine look for an unorthodox curb appeal. Namely slated for demolition, KEEP OUT, and plywood on the windows. The future is bright for Circa By Design, where diamond homes in the really rough will be brought back to life again.