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About Yuriy Zhukov

Yuriy Zhukov is the founder and chief manager of the construction of bridges and tunnels of the Rubezh-M company. In professional circles, he is called a bridge-building genius. Yuriy Zhukov is distinguished by his unique talent, extensive experience, innovative scientific and technical approach, and progressive outlook on the modern construction industry. He was one of the first in the country to introduce the latest technologies in constructing bridges and tunnels. Today, he manages the construction of strategically critical national facilities in different regions.

Yuriy Zhukov is always in favor of gaining new knowledge and experience. It would help if you learned something new all the time and expanded your boundaries. That is why he initiated scientific research in his field, writes author’s articles in specialized scientific publications, participates in industry conferences, adopts the experience of colleagues, shares his ideas and achievements, and with great pleasure takes an active part in the education and practical training of future specialized bridge and tunneling. Employees of his company also undergo various training programs regularly. Today’s success of Rubezh-M is a confirmation that knowledge is power, and movement is life. Never stand still and wait for something. We need to build our future, build bridges of our destiny.

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