About Simone Bernhard

Simone Bernhard is one of those rare birds who grew up in Asheville. A passionate student of Asheville’s history, Simone led walking architectural and historical tours of downtown and knows the area with a depth and appreciation for the development and potential of each neighborhood. Simone’s years of training as a musician have given her an eye for details as well as the ability to see how they relate to the big picture. In her varied career working for local non-profits (including the Asheville Art Museum, Arts Council, Asheville Symphony, NC Stage, Preservation Society, and more), Simone’s care and diligence on behalf of those she served marked her as a standout employee, volunteer and friend who knows just about everyone in town! Simone brings these talents to her work for Preferred Properties and orchestrates the intimidating process of buying or selling a home with a deft and personable charm.

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