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5 Ways for iOS and Android to Loop YouTube Videos [2022]

I am aware that you are looking for instructions on how to loop YouTube videos on iOS and Android, but let’s first solve the problem before moving on to our advice.

There are numerous options available when it comes to music streaming. Spotify and YouTube Music are the two most popular, and I personally like YouTube Music. You can stream music videos on YouTube in addition to listening to officially published music there. This indicates that the YouTube music app allows you to play music videos and anything else that is categorized as music.

Spotify has an advantage in one area since you can loop music. By right-clicking and choosing ”loop,” you can loop the video you’re watching on the YouTube website. We have discovered some ways to loop YouTube videos on Android and iOS as there are no comparable choices in the YouTube app. Let’s first examine why there isn’t a loop option in YouTube before moving on to the solution.

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Why doesn’t the YouTube app for Android and iOS have a ”Loop” option?

The fact that YouTube only has one way to monetize their platform—advertising—explains why they don’t have a loop option in their mobile apps for Android and iOS. Since not every playback of a video on YouTube includes an advertisement, looping a video repeatedly may cause some playbacks to be monetized while the majority are ad-free, resulting in less revenue for YouTube. Additionally, YouTube is unable to provide a loop button inside of the YouTube Android app because more than 70% of viewing time occurs on mobile devices.

How to make YouTube videos loop on iOS and Android

These are a few of the solutions you can use to make YouTube videos loop on Android and iOS. Be aware that none of these techniques is perfect, yet they all function quite fine.

1. Repeat a YouTube video in a web browser

This technique ends up being the simplest choice for looping music on your smartphone. The trick is to use an Android smartphone’s web browser to play the YouTube video. Unfortunately, the exact method does not function on iOS.

Open a browser and enter ”m.youtube.com” into the address bar to get started. This prevents the browser from opening the YouTube app on its own.

Once the page has loaded, select ”Desktop site” by checking the box next to the three vertical dots button in the top right corner.

Just visit YouTube and conduct a search for a video that appeals to you. To open the right-click menu, zoom in on the video location and long press.

Choose ”Loop” from the drop-down option after that. Your videos will thereafter play without interruption till you close the browser.


2. Simple Method to Loop YouTube Videos on the YouTube App for Android and iOS

If you don’t like the mobile browser method outlined above, there is a simple workaround for the YouTube app.

The trick in this case is to loop a freshly created playlist after including just one video in it. Both Android and iOS devices can use it without any issues.

The YouTube technique is quite similar on iOS and Android. As a result, you can create and loop a playlist on the iPhone using the procedure below.

Simply name the playlist, that’s all. Simply click the play button in the playlist to start the video.

With a few control buttons and a playlist of music, the video would start to play. Tap the loop icon to loop a single song.

3. Use Looptube.io to loop YouTube videos

With the help of the straightforward website Looptube, you can play your YouTube videos continuously on a web browser running on your phone, PC, or Mac.

Visit the official Looptube website to get started.

On your phone, launch the YouTube app right now. Here, I’m utilizing my Android phone.

Now open any video and select ”copy to clipboard” from the options by tapping the share icon. The link to the video will then be copied to the clipboard.

Paste the video link into Looptube after opening Looptube in the browser.

The Web application will now look for the video and play it repeatedly for you.

Using the Looptube website, you can pick to play the entire video on repeat or even a specific section of it.

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4. Use a third party to loop YouTube videos

Numerous apps are already available in the Android App Store that allow you to loop YouTube videos. In this guide, we’ll make use of an app named ”Repeat Youtube Videos.”

The program can be downloaded without cost. Once the program has been downloaded, simply open it and start playing the music you wish to loop. To access the share menu, tap the share icon.

There is a ”Repeat YT Videos” option under the share choices. When you select that option, the repeat YouTube videos app will start playing your video continuously.

5. Loop YouTube Videos on an iOS App from a Third Party

The same app, ”Repeat YT videos,” which is available on the iOS app store, will be used to loop YouTube videos on iOS.

Install Repeat YouTube Video right away from the App Store. Once the app is installed, navigate to YouTube, play the audio or video, and then tap the Share option.

Once finished, click the Copy Link option to copy the video link. Once the repeat YouTube app is launched from all apps, the app will instantly recognize the copied URL and begin playing.

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