Randal B. Daniels

About Randal B. Daniels

From a young age, I’ve always been excited by numbers. I was top of the class in maths at primary school and when I finished sixth form I enrolled as a mathematics undergraduate at University of Sharjah. Today, I am an accountant. I still love getting to grips with numbers and complex data to solve problems and support business success.

With over 5 years of experience in accounting, I have built a reputation for enhancing the performance of finance departments. Currently I’m working for Porsche Service center, located in Sharjah and are on top with quality work.

In my current role as senior accountant, I prepare financial reports and statements while managing a range of finance-related tasks. I also analyse financial information to enable informed decision-making at Senior Management level.

When I’m not sitting at my desk, I enjoy playing chess. In 2019, I won two national chess competitions.

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