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My Epson Printer Is Offline, What Should I Do? at Technician

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11877 Douglas Rd Follow the below steps if you’re My Epson Printer is Offline: 1. Go to the Control Panel and select Devices & Printers. 2. Find your Epson printer option and right-click on it. 3. Click on See what is printing option. 4. If the Use Printer Offline option is selected, remove the check from the box. 5. Next, set your Epson printer as the default. 6. Exit and close the Window. Now check if the printer status is back online or not. If it is still showing Offline, then continue with the steps below. 7. Uninstall the printer drivers from your device and re-install the latest drivers from 8. Try printing a test page and see if the issue is resolved. 9. If the issue persists, remove the printer from the added devices on your PC. 10. Restart the device and then add back the printer. 11. Restart your router and connect it to your printer once again.

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