About Joan Champion

Real Estate is a second career for me. For most of my working life I was an artist specializing in watercolors. Over 14 years ago since I was ready for a change my husband suggested I get my Real Estate license. He thought I would like it and be good at it. He was right! I love it and I am good at it. I love meeting new people, showing them around our beautiful area and helping them find just the right property for them. I try to make the sometimes stressful process of buying property as easy and fun as possible for them In my spare time I like to go horseback riding, walk my dog,paint and read. I also love Bible study and keeping up with current events. My parents, Grandparents and Great-Grandparents grew up in the mountains of E. Tennessee. I moved here from Atlanta over 24 years ago on property that had been in my family over 100 years. . I am blessed to have 2 grown sons, 2 wonderful Grandchildren, 2 horses and a great dog!

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