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Transform your bedroom into a traditional Japanese bedroom

Most people dream of it, sleeping on a futon on tatami mats, all in a purely Japanese atmosphere. The atmosphere is often relaxing, and it turns out that the nights are particularly mild and comfortable. Journal du Japon invites you to set Japanese time by radically transforming your room into a traditional room. Whether you sleep alone or in pairs, it’s up to you for small and larger budgets!

Step 1: The big cleaning!

Before starting to compose your interior, you must first clean your room. Indeed, the main rule of a Japanese interior is simplicity and minimalism. At the time of these beautiful traditional houses, the possession of furniture was not important, and the accommodation had above all to be close to nature by favoring natural materials and, therefore, sober colors. Today the interiors have changed a lot, but in traditional hostels, these rules are still applied to the delight of tourists.

Farewell then to the superb Pokemon figurines or the manga library; we have to find another place for them.

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Step 2: The walls

Choose to paint only one wall out of the four, to stay natural.

If your room has wallpaper, it is best to remove it. Choose a neutral paint, white, off-white, or linen white, for example, but you can also try color combinations with white, such as taupe or gray.

Neutral colors and a smooth look are your walls’ best friends, but it’s possible to recreate a headboard by painting a wall another color, like dark beige, for example. Another solution, add a sticker on this same “headboard” wall.

You can find them on Amazon. Do not choose it with more than two colors to not overload your decoration.

Step 3: The floors

The feeling of bare feet on the Japanese tatami is incomparable, but be careful if you choose this option, you will have to get used to not going into the room with your shoes on so as not to damage them and to ventilate your room well because the tatami mats easily absorb moisture. A tatami is fragile, and the coffee stain is complicated to clean. In addition, you must provide a small step to access your room and adapt the door to close it. Finally, plan a good budget. Are you still up for it?

Note that the tatami has a standard size: 182 cm by 91 cm. Our parts are not adapted to the latter in size, and you may have to cut them.

The tatami mats, essential elements in Japan, add charm to the decoration.

The floor rod: This solution comes closest to the tatami for a much lower cost and less constraint for the installation. The floor strip remains messy and difficult to clean, but we find the smells of a Japanese room with it. You can find them at any DIY store.

The parquet: You can opt for a dark parquet only for the practical aspect. You will find it in any DIY store, with easy installation and effortless maintenance.

The platform: if you opt for the parquet option, you can take the opportunity to install a platform in your room to support the bed. This is generally suitable for small rooms when the stage is next to the window and not in the middle of the room. Do it at the height of one to two steps, no more.

Step 4: The cupboards

If your closet is built-in, you are in luck, and you can have fun with Japanese sliding doors. If you choose real ones, the budget is to be expected, but there are beautiful imitations or others in the same style at low prices.

If you need to integrate a piece of furniture, you can choose Japanese or design. But don’t count on the family’s Norman wardrobe; it doesn’t suit this bedroom style at all. It’s up to you to browse furniture stores to find what suits you, but you can also look at Tikamoon and Le Meuble Japon, two specialists in Japanese furniture.

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Step 5: The Japanese platform bed

The choice of bed is personal, but you must first try sleeping in a futon to confirm that it is suitable. Very comfortable. However, you have to pay the price to have a good Japanese platform bed and dry it at least twice a week in the open air. Many sites sell them; Futon Selection offers organic futons, while Futon Factory offers them at all prices, or Futonet, which offers a very nice range.

You can opt for a bed on the floor with a frame and a box spring or a normal bed in the Japanese style. Very fashionable, you will find them everywhere. If you have opted for the platform, choose a bed on the floor only so as not to add more height.

Step 6: The light and the curtains

Natural light is preferred in Japan. If you are lucky enough to have a bay window in your bedroom, you can dress it up with Japanese panels. For a window, I prefer natural colored linen curtains; Japanese panels give a too heavy appearance on a small surface to be covered.

For the light, a dimmer gives a cozy atmosphere in the evening. The Zen atmosphere of a Japanese bedroom is conducive to soft lights only. Multiply the small paper lamps on the floor or a small chest of drawers.

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Step 7: The small decoration

Choose neutral linen and natural materials to bring the final touch to your room. You can add one or two coffee tables to put your lamps. If you have a built-in cupboard, you can afford to add small furniture to put a bonsai, a floral arrangement, or a knick-knack on it. If, on the other hand, you have already had to install a wardrobe, be content with the bedside tables so as not to overload the bedroom, which must remain as simple as possible

Put one or two paintings on the walls to finish your decoration.

You now have all the keys in hand to furnish and decorate your traditional Japanese bedroom. You can now start to sweeten your nights and find Japanese-style Zen sleep!

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