About Candy Kane

Kerrville, located in the Texas Hill Country, is great place to live and work, which is why Candy Kane calls it home. She was raised here and also raised her children here. Her roots are deep and her clients appreciate her knowledge of the area. Candy has been a part of the RE/MAX Kerrville family since 2012. Whether it be buying or selling property, she is passionate about helping others with their real estate needs. Volunteering is something Candy has always cared about. She has served in local charities, such as the Hill Country Charity Ball, volunteered at VA Hospital functions and also taken part helping in the different schools as her children were growing up. She loves being part of her church and is involved with its community and mission outreaches. Besides being with family and friends, kayaking, gardening and traveling are favorite hobbies of Candy. When she isn’t in the office or volunteering, you’ll probably find her on the river, tending to roses or off to explore some place new with her husband, (when she can coax him into it).

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