About Brett Furman

Brett’s innovative approach to real estate involves extensive marketing programs, the use of advanced technology and social media outreach, in-depth research and analysis, and many more marketing methodologies not explored or utilized by other agents. Brett hosts Home Seller Workshops and other educational presentations numerous times a year, and recently penned his book, What You Really Need to Know about Selling Your House. All of this combines to make Brett stand out as an agent of skill, experience, and distinction. Brett’s experience, business sense, and dedication to his field are just a few reasons for his level of success. His down-to-earth nature is just as responsible for his excellent reputation in real estate. Brett’s clients will tell you that he is easy to reach, easy to talk to, and when you do, he’s really listening, not just trying to close a deal. Yet, when the time comes to close a deal on your behalf, Brett is unflinchingly shrewd. Brett is an expert negotiator without being pushy. He’s an experienced guide in all aspects of every kind of real estate. But most importantly, Brett works in the true spirit of the word, “agent,” meaning that he works for you, with you, and with your best interests at heart.

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