A Victorian Farmhouse Fixer-Upper in Sparta, Georgia

4611 Glenford Road in Sparta, Georgia is for sale for $50,000.

When this Georgia peach of a fixer-upper popped up among CIRCA’s listings, I knew I just had to help get it into the right hands. This house makes me think of some of the downtrodden old buildings I pass by here in New York City that make me wonder, “Just what happened to you, ol’ gal?” Surrounded by acres of pecan trees and boasting some of the most incredible columns I’ve seen on a fixer-upper, this one’s quite a catch.

Well, we’re not going to let this beauty sit downtrodden any longer, are we? She has too much character left in her to call it quits now! Plus, she’s your classic American farmhouse (with my beloved two-over-two wood windows no less), sitting right in the middle of 6.44 acres. SWOON. I love a great old farmhouse, and I was impressed to see those elegant Corinthian porch columns. They need some help – as does the porch (and house) in general – but even in their current state they’re quite a stunning feature.
Considering the 6-plus acres of land this house sits on, a restored porch would be a pretty wonderful place to relax on a lazy summer afternoon. There’s a lot of work here that needs to be done, but I’d say it would definitely be worth it — imagine what this beauty could look like!
This entryway is at the back of the house in what appears to be a later addition. Just how beautiful is that spider web transom? The sidelights and that door are equally intriguing, and from what I can tell they seem to be in good shape, too.
It’s one thing to have a house’s historic door intact, but to have beautiful old hardware to go with it? That’s something special. I’m not exactly sure where this door is located, but it appears to be part of the original section of the house (perhaps even at the porch).
What a dramatic staircase this could be again! Even in its current condition, can’t you just see the potential? If you can fix this home, I’d say you’ve earned your grand entrance.
Did I mention this house boasts some charming fireplaces?
I love this simple gate with posts at the property’s entrance leading you up a dirt driveway. It makes me feel like I’m entering a secret world all my own. Secret’s out, though: for $50,000 you could have an amazing 5-bedroom fixer-upper all your own right here in Georgia. And, psst, pecan trees come with the house!
Ready to roll up your sleeves? Check out the full listing HERE.
Amanda is an historic preservationist living in New York City with a particular fondness for fixer-uppers. She can be spotted checking out quirky historic details here, there, and everywhere in her handmade dresses. Every time Amanda sees a cozy room with large windows and beautiful built-ins she can’t help but imagine her very own sewing nook with oldies music playing in the background.

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3 thoughts on “A Victorian Farmhouse Fixer-Upper in Sparta, Georgia”

  • Maggie Oldfather

    that hardware really is amazing… in another life i think i’d like to be a locksmith specializing in historic hardware 🙂

  • CIRCAhouses

    Maggie, that be officially the coolest job ever!

  • Amanda Davis

    I could totally see you doing that. 🙂

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