May 2018

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I grew up in a Greek Revival home in upstate New York that my parents poured decades of love into restoring. The photo above is my mom standing in front of the house when she and my dad first purchased it over 30 years ago. This photo inspired CIRCA Houses, and it's now inspiring our new social media series for Throwback Thursday!   All are invited to join in the fun! Send us your back-in-the-day old...

15 Houses Under $50,000: May 2018 Edition

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Ever since I started writing this particular column several years back, a funny thing has happened: I've started to become a magnet for cheap, old fixer-uppers. They seem to come to me in my sleep. They arrive daily in my inbox. People have even stopped me on the street to tell me about them. (Yes, this IS my dream-come-true, in case you were wondering.) It occurred to me one day...

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