January 2018

15 Houses Under 50K: January 2018 Edition

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Just because I know that most of you have long lists of New Year's resolutions that begin with "fix up an old house" (am I right?), I've rounded up 15+ gorgeous historical homes for sale for under $50,000 that are just waiting for a little TLC.   And lest I forgot to mention it, if you LOVE cheap old houses as much as we do, make sure to follow our other Instagram feed...

The Interior of This Pittsburgh Fixer-Upper is Blowing My Mind

by Elizabeth Finkelstein   When you do what you love for a living, and make it as public as I have made CIRCA, a funny thing happens: People start "thinking" of you a lot. Or, at least, they say they do. For me, this usually comes in the form of "I thought of you yesterday because I drove by a crazy looking salvage dump and you would have loved it," or "Have you seen so-and-so's house yet? You should...

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