December 2014

House Crush: The Lucerne Hotel, Canaan, New Hampshire

by Leona Jaeger This special home is not just *any* crush, it’s an Avalanche of Crush! When I first saw the photos of this Canaan home, this Greek Revival goddess, I wanted to squeal so loudly my seams would burst! The stunning front façade with the “look at me” gable and balcony pulls you toward it like the wafting aroma of Grandma’s from-scratch pumpkin pie. Stately columns stand at attention at...


by Candice Whitlow It’s no secret that old houses (especially fixer uppers) become victims of trends over the years. These trends could be the shag carpet and paneling from the 1970’s, or the cheap, polished brass fixtures from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Fortunately, many people have woken up to the fact that trends don’t always compliment old houses, and the restoration movement is growing by the...


by Hänsel Hernández-Navarro (photo by WindingRoad) If there's one thing we love about CIRCA, it's the chance to "tour" the great vernacular architecture that makes America wonderful. Love shingles? You're most certainly not alone! Join Hänsel as he teaches us all about the Shingle style.   The Shingle Style 1880 – 1900   The Shingle Style originated in New England in the 1880s and and became...

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