November 2014

House Crush: The Castle of Lake Orion, MI

by Leona Jaeger Perched along the waterfront of Bellevue Island in Lake Orion you’ll see an array of lovely and cozy-looking homes. One, however, is sure to stand out. Not just because of it’s sweet raspberry-mauve color (although that helps), but because it will probably be the most eclectic Folk Victorian you’ve ever seen. Read all about why I love it, then check out the listing on CIRCA!  ...

50 Houses Under $50,000!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein It's been a few months since we've featured our favorite column - 10 Houses Under $50,000. But fear not! We've made up for it, times five! For Country Living Magazine, we showcased 50 (yes, 50!) of our favorite homes currently on the market for under $50,000. Head on over to the article to see our picks, or catch a preview in the video below....

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