May 2014

Fix Up the Hotel Berry in Velva, North Dakota!

by Amanda Davis I really love the charm of old hotels so I was excited to stumble across this gem in Velva, North Dakota. The Hotel Berry was built in 1906 and is now a single-family home. Some home! Whether you’re looking to check in to your very own hotel home, run a bed & breakfast or operate a business, there’s lots of potential to be had right here. This fixer-upper - selling at $150,000 -...

House Crush: A Second Empire Beauty in Delaware, Ohio

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Another day, another crush-worthy CIRCA house. Ohio, I'm coming!!! Anyone else notice how many STUNNING old houses there are in Ohio? I mean, just LOOK at this one!!! How perfect would this house be for conversion to a bed & breakfast? I'd stay there in a snap, especially since I have a rule that I'll never stay at a bed & breakfast that doesn't have a mansard roof (oh, admit it,...

10 Houses Under $50,000: Porch & Woodwork Lovers Edition!

by Elizabeth Finkelstein Despite experiencing some aggravation lately with the New York City real estate market (when will this bubble burst already?), this week's round-up of 10 Houses for sale for under $50,000 has me reassured that all is right with the world. If fixer-uppers are your cup of tea, you're going to simply swoon over the porches and woodwork featured in the listings below! This isn't the...

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