January 2014

Polar Vortex be Gone: You Should Move to Phoenix, Arizona!

Torvea Castle. Image courtesy of realpics.net.¬†   Welcome to "You Should Move To...", in which Lindsay travels the country scoping out beautiful, under-the-radar old house-filled cities and towns where big charm can be had for little cost. Have a city, town or neighborhood to recommend? Send it along to [email protected]!   The New Year always starts with big plans, high hopes, and lots...

10 Under $50,000: Classic American Foursquares, Vintage Cottages and a Token Kansas Mansion!

This week's edition of 10 Under $50,000 has a few nice things in store for lovers of the classic American Foursquare and the little vintage cottage. Whose New Year's resolution involved starting a fun new project? Well, now that the holidays are over, you can stop worrying about buying things for OTHER people and snatch up that house you've always wanted to save! All ten of these beauties can be had for...

A Farmhouse Fixer-Upper in Newburgh, NY

Today's fixer-upper is a special one, because I personally got the chance to peek inside of it last week while I was in upstate NY for the holidays. If you've been reading CIRCA for a while, you'll know that I'm a big fan of the city of Newburgh, NY, which is on the verge of a major turnaround. This c. 1840 farmhouse is just outside the city, and was high on my list of houses to see while searching for my...

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