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The Grandest Victorian Home in America!

by Theresa Cacace (photo by William Liles)

If you love CIRCA, then chances are you’re also head-over-heels for all things Victorian! To help feed our need for towers, turrets and spindles, we’ve employed the lovely Theresa of the uber-popular Facebook page Vintage Wonderlust to take as all around the country showcasing her favorite Victorian houses.
In keeping with our “jaw-dropper” theme, let’s take a look inside a TRULY amazing (is amazing a strong enough word here?) Victorian home — The Carson Mansion!!! Located in Old Town, Eureka, CA, this home has been regarded as one of the highest executions of American Queen Anne Style architecture, and is widely considered to be “the grandest Victorian home in America.” Builder and lumber tycoon William Carson is believed to have said, “If I build it poorly, they would say that I was a damned miser; if I build it expensively, they will say I’m a show off; guess I’ll just build it to suit myself.” I say, job well done!

This home has an amazing eclectic design and definitely tickles our visual fancies! Beautiful both inside and out, this home is defiantly a show stopper! The Carson Mansion was family owned until 1950, then sold to a private group called the Ingomar Club. Unfortunately, public admittance is no longer allowed. Luckily, though, the club’s primary function is to restore and maintain this architectural gem.

The Details:

The Carson Mansion
143 M Street, Eureka, CA 95501
Built in 1884 for $80,000
Over 16,200 sf, 3 floors, 18 rooms, 7 fireplaces!!!
Architects: Samuel Newsom and Joseph Cather Newsom

The Eye Candy:


Photo by Cory Maylett. 


This and all photos below courtesy of the Carson Mansion. 

Pinch me.
Hey, I’d even live in the bathroom!
The Carson Mansion might be 130 years old, but this beauty sure knows how to ride out the social media blitz of the 21st Century. Does YOUR house have it’s very own Facebook page?


Currently living in Southern California, Theresa is a self-proclaimed Sociocultural Anthropologist and Classic Cinephile with a passion for the eras of late 1800s to 1950s. She loves all things vintage and historical, and it shows in her work. Theresa runs the Facebook page Vintage Wonderlust, which has over 23,000 followers! Her dusty love is so strong that she feels it is her calling to share all she finds with anyone who shares her interest. Someday, she hopes to own a beautiful Queen Anne style Victorian and use it commercially to share the stunningly beautiful architecture with the masses.


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