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The Aerie House in Glen Alpine, North Carolina

by Amanda Davis Happy Valentine’s Day, old house lovers! This year I’m sending flowers and chocolates to my very special Valentine down south in the wonderfully-named Glen Alpine, North Carolina. She’s eclectic and an old soul, but she could use a little cheering up these days.   And just who is my Valentine? The beautiful old Aerie House at 53 Hennessee Street, for sale for $119,000. Built in 1905 for Doctor Emanuel Augustus “Gus” Hennessee II, the house has sadly fallen into major disrepair. Dr. Hennessee was a native of Glen Alpine, born in 1863, and seems to have been involved in a rather unfortunate feud with another family that ultimately led to his demise in 1918. Nothing like a little local history to add some spice to the mix.   var OB_platformType=3; var

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