Historic 1853 Second Empire Victorian

Circa 1853

496 W William St
Delaware, , 43015
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Date listed | December 30, 2014
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  • Cindi Johnson

    I’ve had the extreme pleasure of visiting and staying in this gorgeous property. A ton of love and respect exudes from every inch of space.

    • CIRCAhouses

      Cindi, lucky you! I’d give my eye-teeth to see the inside of this house in person. I just love seeing owners pay old houses the respect they deserve. That is certainly the case here!

  • Tamrisa

    I’ve lived around the corner from this house for 52yrs and seeing this picture is the first time I have ever seen the whole house in full view. The property is surrounded by a fence of very high bushes and trees and in spring and summer it is very hard to see with all the leaves. Of course you would think when the leaves are gone in fall and winter you could have a nice view of the house. Not so as to the way the tree limbs entertwined with the bushes. Pretty thick. So there is privacy and is set back from the street too.

    • CIRCAhouses

      Thanks for sharing, @tamrisa:disqus! It’s such a lovely home and it’s nice to know that it’s situated in an equally lovely setting!

  • connie

    WOW love this house. I also own a 1869 Victorian home in Seaforth Ontario, I use it as a scrapbook Retreat and Bed & Breakfast, It has 7 Bedrooms and 5 Bathrooms lots of cleaning

  • Tee Fowler

    The most beautiful house I have seen in a long time. Does the furniture come with the house? It’s decorated so beautifully. It looks like a million dollar home, if not more. LOVE IT!!!

    • CIRCAhouses

      Hi Tee! Isn’t it lovely!? I agree that it looks like a million-dollar listing! I don’t think the furniture comes with the house, but if you’re serious about looking at the house, you should reach out to Stephanie, the realtor, to check. She’s fantastic and her information is in the upper corner of the page, to the right of the listing photos.

To arrange a viewing or request more details about the property, contact:


Stephanie VanGundy

Office Phone:
(614) 890-9900

Cell Phone:
(740) 816-1031

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