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The Hermitage: The Nation’s Second-Ever House Museum!

by Taylor Speer-Sims Join old house-obsessed, Southern transplant Taylor Speer-Sims as she bounces around the heart of Dixie scoping out the biggest & most beautiful Great Southern Estates!   Welcome to the kick-off of my new column, which will take you on a whirlwind tour through some of my favorite big, old houses down here in the South! Being originally from the North, southern houses seem to grasp my romantic imagination perhaps a little bit more than their northern counterparts. Is there, in fact, a type of romanticism surrounding the ideal image of the columned, two-story home set on a hill overlooking acres and acres of farmland? I say: absolutely!   For my first article, I am going to introduce you to The Hermitage, built c. 1835-36. It was formerly the home of President Andrew Jackson, in Hermitage, Tennessee.

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