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House Crush: Saxton Hall, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

I have a house crush. And it’s serious. As someone who’s been able to craft a career around old house eye candy, I can assure you that I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful homes. But every once in a while a house comes along that is so special that it deserves its own CIRCA Magazine post. Saxton Hall, along the lovely banks of the Hudson River (just 50 miles from NYC!) is one such place. Best part? It’s for sale on CIRCA!   Having grown up in a Greek Revival house myself, I have a soft spot for the streamlined elegance of this particular style. Were that not the case, it still wouldn’t take longer than five seconds of staring at the listing photos of this c. 1830 beauty to understand why I NEED THIS

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10 Historic Stone Houses for Sale

Last week, while New York was in the midst of the polar vortex, I found myself once again longing for a fireplace. I imagined the little stone house in Surrey, England where Kate Winslet’s character lived in the movie The Holiday (sorry male readers — this is a chick-flick reference!). A quaint stone cottage, it’s a quintessential, cozy “winter house,” complete with fireplaces in nearly every room, interior stone walls, and rustic wood beam ceilings. With no plans to move to the English countryside (sadly), I was delighted to find these ten amazing stone houses for sale across the U.S. (Click on the top photo of each listing to be taken to the listing site).  

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Seven Historical Castles for Sale Around the World

Like most of the world, I spent my holiday fantasizing about what very exciting goodies 2014 would have in store for my very ordinary life. Frankly, I’ve had enough of the standard resolutions: joining a gym, eating better, getting more sleep. This year, I’m aspiring higher! Hear me loud and clear: 2014 is the year of the CASTLE. Like many little girls, I used to dream about one day meeting my Prince Charming and moving into his magical fairyland. After combing through countless castles currently on the real estate market, I now have a restored hope in my childhood dream. To ring in the best, the brightest and the most gilded year to come, I’m offering my top seven favorite historical castles for sale across the globe! (Click on the top photo of each

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Dream Home: The Historic Mill House in Starksboro, VT

Fact: I’m a total real estate junkie. If we get down to brass tacks, I started CIRCA Houses to justify the fact that I waste hours every day falling in love with properties I’ll never have. As my husband can attest, I’ve been known to crawl into bed with the computer, drifting off into dreamland with visions of fixer-uppers dancing in my head. But it wasn’t until last week that a real estate video actually SANG me to sleep like a lullaby. The culprit? The Mill House in Starksboro,

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