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Baltimore’s American Brewery Building

Baltimore’s American Brewery Building today. Photo by Jake Slagle.    I recall visiting Baltimore for the first time as an adult when my sister moved into an apartment along the waterfront promenade. On morning walks, I would peek across the water at the still-operating Domino Sugar Refinery, a rare survivor in the post-industrial city and stark reminder of the differences between Baltimore and New York City (here in New York, our Domino Sugar Refinery is getting a total luxury overhaul). Baltimore has experienced some rough times, but sometimes economic hardship can be a great friend to historic preservation; buildings remain intact and standing until the time is ripe for investment and right new owner comes along. This is exactly what happened to my all-time favorite Baltimore building, the American Brewery (originally the Weissner Brewery) at

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10 Amazing Photos of Gracie Mansion

Gracie Mansion in 1941. AP Photo/Robert Kradin. Courtesy of the Huffington Post.    This morning my husband and I voted alongside New York City mayoral front-runner Bill de Blasio and his wife, son and daughter. Amidst swarms of reporters, we managed to proudly Instagram a great shot of the family rushing by. The de Blasios live right down the street from me, and the neighborhood is — the put it mildly — all abuzz today. So in honor of election day, I’ve decided to showcase ten incredible photos of Gracie Mansion, everyone’s favorite mayoral

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