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Elizabeth Finkelstein


Name | Elizabeth Finkelstein
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State | south-carolina
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$25,000 Will Buy You the Fixer-Upper of a Lifetime in Saginaw, MI

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by Elizabeth Finkelstein   I’ve had my eye on this house for a while, so I was thrilled when a CIRCA fan (thanks, Laurie!) sent over this listing for one of Saginaw’s most historically-significant homes, now complete with lots of interior photos. The image of a piano sitting in an abandoned room and surrounded by peeling wallpaper would spark a thrill in most lovers of old homes, myself included. This one’s got bones—won’t someone please save

15 Houses Under $50,000: April 2017 Edition

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by Elizabeth Finkelstein The perfect eye candy for an overcast April Saturday in New York: Our newest round-up of gorgeous historical homes for sale for under $50,000. I want to save them all!   (If you come across any beautiful old houses for sale for under $50,000, send them along to us at

I Can’t Stop Dreaming About This $85,000 Georgia Victorian

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by Elizabeth Finkelstein   I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves here. I’ll just give you the basic scoop: This 4-bedroom house in Sandersville, Georgia is on the market for a mere $85,000, and the interior makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

The $89,900 House That is Blowing Up the Internet

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by Elizabeth Finkelstein   I have a message for all the budding artists and old house professionals out there: You CAN make a living doing what you’re passionate about, while at the same time doing GOOD FOR THE PLANET. I’ve always been a complete old house fanatic, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be in a position to share beautiful fixer-uppers badly in need of saving with the entire world. And to see them wind up in the hands of people whose only motive is to love and restore them? Well, I couldn’t ask for more.   If you haven’t yet seen my latest for Country Living Magazine, head on over there to join the more than 37,000 people who have shared this incredible South Carolina home, on the market for

A ca. 1913 Gem in Mobile, Alabama

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by Meghan White.   Ah, that sweet, old fashioned charm of yesteryear. No where is it more apparent than in the beautiful old homes found throughout the American South. Join Meghan as she shares her favorite Southern real estate finds.   Nestled in the Southern town of Mobile, Alabama, on a charmingly historic street in the Oakleigh Historical District, this early 1900s bungalow is a lovely showcase of turn-of-the-century quality construction. With its deep red painted siding, this house is surely to be the most noticeable on the

20 Houses Under $50,000: February/March 2017 Edition

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by Elizabeth Finkelstein Happy (almost) spring! I’ve combined our February & March issues into one extra-special, double-decker list of 20 gorgeous, full-of-potential historic houses under $50,000. Enjoy!   (If you come across any beautiful old houses for sale for under $50,000, send them along to us at

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